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Documents sometimes require one or perhaps two witnesses in addition to the Notary.


This is common for some South African property documents; Indian Powers of Attorney and some American documents.

The witnesses have to witness your signature in the presence of the Notary so they will need to be present at the meeting.

I can sometimes provide witnesses but they will need to be paid and there is a charge of £20/£30 per witness.


If I arrange witnesses it is very important that you then attend at the agreed appointment time as any delays can cause complications for the witnesses and their parking arrangement and/or other commitments.If you are late for your appointment further fees may be payable.


If you cancel your appointment without allowing sufficient time to inform the witness(es) the fee of £20/£30 per witness will be payable.


Alternatively you can bring the required number of witnesses with you provided:-


 i) They are over 18.

 ii) They are independent and unrelated to you.

 iii) They bring their passport and proof of address (or some other suitable proof of identity).

 Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

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