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What To Bring With You

Below you will find a list of what documents you will need to bring along to your appointment. The list is quite straight forward, if you should have any queries or questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


 1) The documents you require to be notarised.

 2) If the document is in a foreign language please note I will also require a translation of it into English.

 3) Any covering letter or e mail from the foreign lawyer explaining what needs to be done. 

 4) Proof of identity:-

If you are an individual:-

 1) Your current and original passport.

 2) Proof of your current address which can be your UK driving licence; utility bill dated within 3 months of our appointment (not a mobile phone bill) or a bank statement or other official paperwork with your address on it.  

3) If the name on the document is different from the name you are currently using or there has been a variation in the form of spelling of the name over the years please provide me as appropriate with Certificates of Birth, Marriage or Divorce Decree or Change of Name Deed showing all the different names you use.


If you represent a company, partnership, charity, club:-


All documents required for an individual AND IN ADDITION:-

 1) Authority to represent the company by way of Company Minutes, Company Resolution or Power of Attorney

 2) A copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association may be required.

 3) I will undertake an online search at Companies House just prior to our meeting and obtain and up-to-date company search and a current list of directors/secretary.

4)  A copy of the current letterhead (showing the registered office if it is a company)

In all instances I will be carrying out various company searches which may have an effect on the level of fees charged.


If you represent a company incorporated outside the UK:-

All documents required for an individual AND company as set out above AND IN ADDITION:-

 1) Evidence that the company is properly constituted in the country of constitution.  This evidence can usually be supplied by the company's accountant or legal representative.


This list is available to download here so you can print it for your reference. 

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