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Key Stages

Each notarial matter will be different but here some typical key stages:-


1.      I receive and review the documents to be notarised together with any instructions you may have received from another lawyer or agent working on your behalf.

2.      Liaising with your legal advisors or other bodies to obtain the necessary documentation to deal with the document (for example, this might be, information from Companies House or foreign registries, powers of attorney etc).

3.      Satisfying myself as to the identity, capacity and authority of the person who is to sign the document.

4.      If a document is to be certified, checking with the issuing authorities that the document/award is genuine.  In the case of academic awards, this would entail checking with the appropriate academic institutions.

5.      Meeting with the signatory to verify their identity and to ascertain that they understand what they are signing and that they are doing so of their own free will and ensuring that the document is executed correctly.

6.      Drafting and affixing or endorsing a notarial certificate to the document.

7.      Arranging for the legalisation of the document as appropriate.

8.      Arranging for the storage of copies of all notarised documents in accordance with the requirements of the Notarial Practice Rules 2019.

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